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TR-03: Mail the Horse's "Great Kills" Out Today

It was a real nail biter series of deadlines, but the day has arrived and things are golden: the long-awaited TR-03 is officially released and available for purchase!

Having been a fan of Mail the Horse since their early days of being hungover in Dover, this record is an astonishingly mature and complex collection of songs. Mail the Horse first drew us in with their live performances, which were centered around songs that took you over and left you feeling like you were listening to rock music for the first time in the 1950s. Having songs about good church girls gone bad didn't hurt either.

But everybody's gotta leave home sometime. Rural boys and girls flee for the city. This is part of what makes Great Kills so damn epic -- that feeling of being out of place, of constant disappointment, of other people's stories just wrecking themselves out in front of you...that thing that New Yorkers say is only really palpable to New Yorkers. But there seems to be a longing there, leave, to belong, to...something,'s a desperation well known to quarter-life crises havers. There's a smug-as-fuck attitude wrapped around much of the songs, but they wear it like armor. And despite best efforts, real feelings, real problems, real shit still gets through.