TinyRadars Cow House Video Series: Mail the Horse

TinyRadars Cow House Video Series: Mail the Horse

MtH at Cow House.jpg

Mail the Horse dropped by the Cow House for our first official TinyRadars Cow House Video Series (or TRCHVS, for short) on their Great Kills tour. Their records arrived the day before their departure from NYC so this was also the first time we got to hold those beautiful TR-03s in our hands.

We got the piano tuned (finally) for their arrival and crowded them into the corner of a room to play a few songs for us. Pretty sure we killed a case of Bud and PBR each between the 12 of us in the course of an hour and a half. They were extremely tight after playing day in and out for two weeks straight on the road. Here's hoping when they get sick of the city they come live out in the country with us. 

Should you have a decent Internet connection, we recommend you watch these guys in HD (we love 1080, but 720 will do just fine).

Do You Still Come Home?

Speedwell Avenue

Cameras: Elisabeth Parker and Candace Clement
Sound: Fred Cooksey
Production: Candace Clement
Post-Production: Seth Jackson