TinyRadars Cow House Video Series: MiniBoone

TinyRadars Cow House Video Series: MiniBoone


When we first started talking to MiniBoone about doing a Cow House video we had no idea how the hell it would work. How could we get one of the loudest, most raucous and energetic bands we knew to play at a volume that wouldn't bring the police to our doorstep with a noise complaint? But at the same time, here was a band that specialized in multi-part harmonies and intricate layers that we figured would sound pretty incredible at a lower volume. So we booked a date and got psyched. 

They rolled up late Saturday night at the end of their minitour with Bunny's A Swine and Drew cooked an epic breakfast in the morning before we set up. It was great to actually do a shoot during the daytime and get to catch some natural light. The two songs they picked are both great cuts off their upcoming record (due out any day now).

Watch em in 1080 & get ready to have these songs stuck in your head on a constant, delightful loop. 

Baby, I Hope So

Magic Eye